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Dining in The Wildwoods

Wildwood Tram Car

Anglesea Pub, 1st & New Jersey Avenue, North Wildwood 609-729-1133
Bandana's Atlantic & Buttercup, Wildwood Crest 609-5225735
Beach Creek Oyster Bar & Grille, 500 W. Hand St, Wildwood 609-322-1062
Boathouse Restaurant, Rio Grande Avenue, Wildwood 609-729-5301
Bolero, 3320 Atlantic Ave, Wildwood 609-522-0303
Chiarella's Ristorante, 100 E. Taylor Ave, Wildwood 609-522-4117
Claude's, 100 Olde New Jersey Ave, North wildwood 609-522-0400
Dragon House, 3616 Pacific Ave, Wildwood 609-522-2320
Faralli's, 6300 New Jersey Ave, Wildwood Crest 609-522-9407
Garfield's Giardino Risorante, Garfield & Pacific Ave, Wildwood 609-729-0120
Groff's, Magnolia Ave & The Boardwalk, Wildwood 609-522-5474
Juan Pablo's Margarita Bar, Garfield & Pacific, Wildwood 609-729-6500
Kelly's, Between Montgomery & Davis on Atlantic Ave, Wildwood 609-522-6817
La Piazza Cucina Italiana,4600 Pacific Ave, Wildwood 609-522-8300
Lighthouse Pointe,Off Rio Grande on Shawcrest Rd, Wildwood 609-522-SHIP
Little Italy,5401 Atlantic Ave, Wildwood Crest 609-523-0999
Marie Nicole's, 9510 Pacific Ave, Wildwood Crest 609-522-5425
Maureen, Schellenger & Atlantic Ave, Wildwood 609-522-7747
Neil's Steak & Chowder House, 222 E. Schellenger Avenue, Wildwood 609-522-5226
Red Oak Restaurant, 230 E. Oak Avenue, Wildwood 609-522-9560
Russo's Ristorante, 4415 Park Blvd, Wildwood 609-522-7038
Rusty Rudder, Oak & Atlantic Ave, Wildwood 609-522-3085
Schellenger's Restaurant,3516 Atlantic Avenue, Wildwood 609-522-0433
The Crab House, On Ocean Drive, Wildwood Crest 609-522-1341
Urie's Waterfront Restaurant, Rio Grande Ave, Wildwood 609-522-4189
Westy's Irish Pub, Between Walnust & Spruce on Old NJ, North Wildwood 609-522-4991

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