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The Battle of Turtle Gut

Turtle Gut Memorial Plaque

From the Wildwood Crest Historical Society:

Wildwood Crest Historical Society BATTLE of TURTLE GUT INLET
"Turtle Gut Inlet, once located in the vicinity of Toledo Avenue in today's Wildwood Crest was, at one time, the division between Five Mile Beach to the north and Two Mile Beach to the south. Filled in by the county in 1922, it has long been forgotten but its history has given us much to remember.

The Battle of Turtle Gut Inlet, a little-known but authentically documented naval encounter during the Revolutionary War, took place on June 29, 1776. The importance of Philadelphia to the Colonies as a port made it absolutely essential that merchant ships bound there with supplies be given safe conduct. To accomplish this, a constant effort to elude the British blockade of Delaware Bay was carried on by the ships of the Continental Navy, ably assisted by the sloops and brigs native to the area of Cape May. The pilots of these small boats knew the region well and were especially adept at dodging in and out of the small harbors and inlets to escape capture by the British.

It was at one of these inlets -Turtle Gut- that a naval battle was fought...."

For the complete story, go to the Historical Society site. Click Here (C) 1976 Wildwood Crest Historical Society

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