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Dining in Spring Lake

The Breakers, Ocean & Newark Ave, 732-449-7700
Cucina Cafe, 219B Morris Ave, 732-974-3433
Doolan's, 700 Hwy 71, 732-449-3666
Eggiman's, 2031 Hwy 71, 732-449-2626
The Grand Victorian, 1505 Ocean Ave, 732-449-5237
Monroe and Company, 306 Rte 71, 732-282-0450
Old Mill Inn, Old Mill Rd, 732-449-1800
The Porch, 810 Hwy 71, 732-449-5880
Rod's Irish Tavern, 507 Washington Blvd, 732-449-2020
Spring Lake Pizzeria, 1110 Third Ave, 732-449-9595
Sister's Cafe, 1321 Third Ave, 732-449-1909
Whispers, 200 Monmouth Ave, 732-974-9755
Who's on Third Deli/Grill, 1300 Third Ave, 732-449-4233

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