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Lodging in Ocean Grove

         Albatross Hotel, 34 Ocean Pathway 201-709-6543
         Angel Nook Inn, 14 Surf Ave 732-502-0081
         Bellevue Stratford Inn, 7 Main Ave 732-775-2424
         Cordova Inn, 26 Webb Ave 732-774-3084
         Henry Richard Inn, 16 Main Ave 732-776-7346
         Laingdon Hotel, 8 Ocean Ave 732-774-7974
         Manchester Inn, 25 Ocean Pathway 732-775-0616
         Ocean Park Inn, 38 Surf Ave 732-988-5283
         Ocean Vista Hotel, 13 Ocean Ave 732-776-2500
         Park View Inn, 23 Seaview Ave 732-775-1645
         Shamrock Inn, 57 Embury Ave 732-988-2450

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