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Dining in Cape May

Cabanas, 429 Beach Ave, 609-884-4800
Cucina Rosa Restaurant, 301 Washington St,609-898-9800
Ebbitt Room, 25 Jackson St,609-884-5700
Harbor View Marina, 954 Ocean Dr,609-884-5444
Martini Beach, 429 Beach Ave 609-884-1925
Oceanview Restaurant, 235 Beach Ave 609-884-3772
Oyster Bay Restaurant & Bar,615 Lafayette St,609-884-2111
Peter Shields Inn & Restaurant,1301 Beach Ave,609-884-9090
Pier House, 1317 Beach Ave,609-898-0300
Pilot House, 142 Decatur St, 609-884-3449
SeaSalt Restaurant,1035 Beach Ave, 609-884-7000
The Lobster House, 906 Schellengers Landing Rd,609-884-8296
The Mad Batter, 19 Jackson St, 609-884,5970
The Merion Inn, 106 Decatur St, 609-884-8363
Union Park Dining Room,727 Beach Ave,609-884-8811
Washington Inn, 801 Washington St, 609-884-5697

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