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Lodging in Atlantic City (Non Casino)

Airport Motor Inn, 500 North Albany Ave. 609-344-9085

Ascot Motor Inn, Iowa & Pacific Ave. 609-344-5163

Atlantic City Travelodge-Barbizon, 154 S. North Carolina Ave. 609-348-3137

Atlantic Palace Suites, 1507 Boardwalk at New York Ave. 609-344-1200

Best Western Envoy, 1416 Pacific Ave. 609-344-7116

Burgandy Motor Inn, 116 S. North Carolina Ave. 609-345-5664

Comfort Inn Boardwalk, 154 S. Kentucky Ave. 609-348-4000

Continental Motel, 137 S. Martin Luther King Blvd. 609-345-5141

Days Inn Boardwalk, Morris Ave. on the Boardwalk 609-344-6101

Dunes Motel, 2819 Pacific Ave. 609-344-5271

Econolodge Atlantic City, 3001 Pacific Ave. 609-344-2925

Econolodge Boardwalk, 117 S. Kentucky Ave. 609-355-9093

El Greco Motel, 3200 Pacific Ave. 609-345-6195

Flagship Resort, 60 N. Maine Ave. 609-343-7447

Flamingo Motel, 3101 Pacific Ave. 609-344-3061

Golden East Motel, 169 S. Kentucky Ave. 609-344-7001

Holiday Inn - Boardwalk, Chelsea Ave. & The Boardwalk 609-348-2200

Howard Johnson, 1339 Pacific Ave. 609-344-4193

Howard Johnson International Hotel, Boardwalk Block of Chelsea Ave. 609-344-7071

Irish Pub & Inn, 164 South St. James 609-344-9063

Knight's Inn, 134 S. North Carolina Ave. 609-345-0155

Madison House Hotel, 123 S. Illinois Ave. 609-345-1400

Midtown-Bala Motor Inn, Indiana & Illinois Ave. 609-348-3031

Quality Inn, South Carolina & Pacific Ave. 609-345-7070

Ramada Suites on The Boardwalk, 1507 Boardwalk at New York Ave. 609-344-8800

Seacomber Motel, 1630 North Albany Ave. 609-348-3171

Trinidad Motel, 175 S. Tennessee Ave. 609-344-8956

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